Come out to sample our range of hand crafted beers, enjoy a jar or two with your friends and take away a growler (1.89L), bomber (640mL), or a can (440ml) of your favourite. Ask us about a private brewery tour, as we're always happy to show you around, and share the science and art behind each Batch. Tours are on Saturday and Sunday at 12:30pm and 2:30pm by booking only, so please email for more information and to book a tour or a table (no table bookings after 1pm on Saturday)!

What's on tap:

  • American Pale Ale - All Cascade hops from kettle to fermenter.
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Pale Ale, Vienna, Carapils, Light Crystal
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:American Pale Ale
    The first beer we ever made, American Pale Ale gives a fantastic idea of what we stand for at Batch: fresh, independent, unpasturised, unfiltered, natural, balanced. A combination of Vienna and caramel pilsner malt round off a malt bill that leans towards the drier end of the style, softening its body a touch, before big hits of Cascade hops from the whirlpool and fermentor give a complex burst of fresh cut grass, citrus stone fruit and a touch of pine. This is the beer that shows the quality and nuance you can expect from Batch Brewing Co, and it all started with Chris and Andrew in their backyards. We brew for you.
  • Das Hefe - Hefeweizen
    Tasting Notes:
    Hallo! Oh ja, our Das Hefe is back after a two jahr hiatus, and we're excited to bring you this perfect, durst abschrecken (quenching) bier! Pilsner malz gives this a lecker (luscious), silky body. Balanced with a restrained dose of German hopfen, before the München Klassicsch hefe (yeast) dries it out leaving behind its characteristic banane and nelke (clove) flavour, with just a hint of sweetness. Enjoy and auf wiedersehen!
  • Double Rainbow - Trippy Hippy's XXPA
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield American Ale, Vienna Malt, Caramel Pilsner, Bohemian Pilsner
    Hops:Citra & Galaxy
    Yeast:American Ale
    Trippy hippy is back from his sole searching camping trip where he saw a Double Rainbow! This bodacious yet colourful beer is a combo of clean American pale malt and a crips addition of Bohemian Pilsner, creating a classic dry pale ale base. But it still has just the right amount of soft malty goodness to balance out the luscious garden of tropical delights, created by adding copius amounts of Galaxy and Citra hops, providing a huge burst of passionfruit aroma, a tangy taste of grapefruit, and some sweet melon. Takes you back to that time during that camping trip where you told everyone you saw a double rainbow and swore you could also taste colours (must have been a bad prawn).
  • Elsie the Milk Stout - Nitrogenated stout with lactose
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:2-Row, Maris Otter, Roast, Light Crystal, Flaked Barley, Flaked Oats, Vienna, Chocolate, Lactose
    Hops:Willamette & Fuggles
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Milk Stout
    Elsie is made by combining unfermentable lactose with a malt bill so complex the brewers refer to it as their 'kitchen sink beer'. The result is a beer that's sweet and smooth and dark and roasty, with gentle touches of chocolate, coffee and cream. Served on nitrogen at the bar, but conditioned for the bottle, allowing yeast to naturally carbonate the stout for an incredibly thick and smooth texture. She's so tasty, you'll believe cows really can jump over the moon!
  • Rye IPA - Rye malts and Amarillo hops!
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Voyager Rye, Provenance Gairdner, Gladfield Sour, Wheat, Dark Crystal
    Hops:Chinook, Centennial, Amarillo
    Yeast:American Ale
    Initially inspired by a collaboration with Archie Rose Distilling Co where they distilled our beer into a hopped spirit, we resurrected and updated this Rye IPA recipe for you to enjoy again....this time, just as a beer! Our bright and crisp IPA malt bill is complimented with Voyager rye, which brings its trademark earthy spice for added complexity. And it's a good thing too, because oh boy are there hops in here. Amarillo is the hero, bringing with it a big hit of zesty citrus - think orange and lemon bitters. Chinook and Centennial compliment with a mix of gentle juicy fruits and American pine. Now go on, have a taste! And if you find any bottles of the hopped spirit still lying around, you might as well try them together!
  • Summer Farmhouse - Thirst quenching take on a traditional style
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gairdner Pale, Flaked Wheat, Rye, Acidulated Malt
    Hops:Hallertau Blanc, Amarillo
    Yeast:BE-134 Belgian Saison
    Bonjour! We bring back this traditional style, originally intended to satiate the thirsts (and desires) of Wallonian agricultural workers at the end of a long day. These provincial French/Belgian farmers would brew with whatever grains they had on hand to create a crisp and spicy, yet delicate, and dry and refreshing beer. The local yeasts (that were once completely wild), impart generous and complex aromas of clove, spice, and fruits. In keeping with tradition, Summer Farmhouse Saison is brewed at a slightly lower ABV, meaning it can be enjoyed all afternoon in the hot summer sun. Some things never need to change! Au revoir!
  • Voodoo Gold - Trippy Hippie's Voodoo Gold
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Voyager Schooner, Voyager Vienna, Voyager Voodoo, Gladiator, Gladfield Wheat, Dark Crystal
    Hops:El Dorado, Mosaic
    Yeast:American Ale Yeast
    Style:Hoppy Gold
    Aahhhh dude, so I was like traveling throughout the world and I had this trippy experience somewhere. Man, I really can't remember where it was but there was like all this crazy voodoo going on with like, weird chanting man...It was nuts. And they were like feeding me raisins, caramel, tropical fruits at the same time, and then some dank resinous stuff (and I mean woah!). To top it all off, they were rubbing me with gold man, and that's when it got weird. I don't actually know what they achieved, but after that whole experience, I was like "Dude! If you like combine all those flavours together, a that's a pretty killer beer!" So I came back in to the brewery and started messing around with some malty and fruit notes, and came up with this gold number. But don't worry, I left the actual voodoo hoo haa out!
  • West Coast IPA - West Coast Hops
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Pale Ale, Carapils, Wheat
    Hops:Mosaic, Centennial, Chinook
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:American IPA
    Of all the IPAs Batch has ever made, only one became a permanent fixture of the brewery - a testament to quality if ever there was one! Bright in colour, dry on the palate and thirst quenching in the extreme, wheat and pale malts compliment each other with nuance. Hops are added all through the boil and fermentor - Centennial and Chinook provide a generous base of juicy, chewy fruits, before Mosaic hops shine through with big hints of pineapple and tropical stone fruit. Balanced to precision, the bitterness in this IPA never overwhelms the palate. At the lower end of the IPA’s ABV spectrum, this beer is a faithful example of the West Coast style. High quality, precise, nuanced and fresh, this beer all of the qualities on which Batch prides itself.

In Bottles / Growlers (but not on tap):

  • Just Beer - extended lagering and gently hopped
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Voyager Hindmarsh, Malted Wheat, Cara Malt
    Hops:Summer & VIC Secret
    A lot of raw materials are used to brew the beer you drink, from water and electricity, to hops and cereal grains. That's why it's part of our goal to minimize the impact we have on our community, our land and our air. One small step we've taken is by directly supporting the farmers who justly care for our earth through their sustainable growing and harvesting of barley. Farm malted Hindmarsh barley from Voyager Craft Malt in the Riverina is the simple base for this simple beer. And the extended lagering and gentle hopping deliver a clean flavour that allows the beer to speak for itself. With every sip that you take, you can rest easy knowing that this beer is truly just - just for farmers, just for our community, Just Beer.
  • Señor Spicy - Orange & Chilli Gosé
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield American, Gladfield Wheat, Flaked Wheat, Sour Malt
    Hops:Gentle Bittering
    Yeast:Belgian Ale Yeast
    Style:Orange & Chilli Gosé
    Inspired by the spirit of Mexico's wild west, which is known as Tequila country - where it's hot and spicy (or Picante as the locals say). In these parts, nothing quenches the spice of your tacos or the heat of your Tequila quite like fresh, juicy oranges. A sprinkle of delicate Murray River pink salt wraps up the flavours of Mexico's west into a tangy, thirst quenching beer.
  • Sweet, Sweet Nugz - Yankee Strong Ale
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Schooner, Voyager Munich, Cara Munich
    Yeast:American Ale Yeast
    Style:Yankee Strong Ale
    What's up dude, you good? You got what you need? Don that smoking jacket, and get comfortable in your favourite chair because you're going to be here awhile. Good, now listen up because we're going to let you in on a little somethin' right now. This Yankee Strong Ale is all about rich caramel malt characters with a toffee sweetness, with a nice warming finish from the big ABV. Yeah, I bet you just sunk further in your chair didn't you? But those nugget hops added in provide just that bit of herbal and mild bitterness to balance out that big malt sweetness and ABV. You feeling this now? I bet you are.
  • Tank 6 Imperial Stout - Russian Imperial Stout
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield American Ale, Golden Promise, Roasted Malts, Chocolate Malts, Crystal Malt
    Hops:East Kent Goldings, Warrior, Chinook, Summer
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Russian Imperial Stout
    The main ingredient of any beer this big and complex is time. Over the six months spent in Tank 6, this stout's namesake, the yeast continued its work allowing the copious amounts of roasted malt to mellow into luscious and rich flavours of coffee and chocolate. Farm malted in NZ, Gladfield ale malt provides the bulk of the fermentables and alcohol warmth which is gently swept away by the sweet characteristics, ranging from honey to plum, derived from four different crystal malts. Gentle bittering from the hop East Kent Goldings delivers its balance and approachability, allowing you to sink deeply into your favouite arm chair (at Batch, or at home) and appreciate the finer things in life. Serve cool, but not cold, and pour with some vigour into your favourite wide mouthed, stemmed glass to appreciate the various flavours that present as the beer warms in your hand.
  • Tiny Coconut Bubbles - Coconut Wheat Ale
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield American Ale, Provenance Pale Malt, Malted Wheat, Unmalted Wheat, Lactose
    Hops:Cascade & Mosaic
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Wheat Ale
    Tiiiiiiiny bubbles... When Don Ho (the Elvis of Hawai'i) sang of feeling fine, we're positive he was drinking from a coconut at the time. And if not, he should have been! Our wheat beer recipe has its soft texture accentuated nicely by a moderate addition of lactose. Late in the brew and in the fermentor we add generous amounts of Cascade and Mosaic hops for their citrus and pineapple qualities. Add to this some toasted coconut in the kettle and the fermentor and you have this award winning beer. Coconut, cream, pineapple? We think Don would approve of a Pina Colada in a beer, don't you?

Now Fermenting

  • 2 Strainz
  • American Pale Ale
  • Double Rainbow
  • Elsie the Milk Stout
  • Just Beer
  • Pash the Magic Dragon
  • Peaches & Cream Farmhouse
  • Summer Farmhouse
  • Tasman Tango
  • Voodoo Gold
  • West Coast IPA

Tasting Room trading hours & Food:

  • Monday: 10 - 8pm
  • Tuesday: 10 - 8pm
  • Wednesday: 10 - 8pm
  • Thursday: 10 - 8pm ~ VeJoes
  • Friday: 10 - 9pm ~ Pork & Cheese
  • Saturday: 10 - 8pm ~ Lemon Rose
  • Sunday: 10 - 8pm ~ VeJoes

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Upcoming Events:

  • November 17th&November 18th The Royal Leichhardt Inner West Beer Fest
    The Royal Leichhardt will be hosting its very own Inner West Beer Festival for the 2nd year running! Come down and support your local businesses and breweries. After all... it’s the yeast you can do. We’re going ale out with our street festival dedicated to craft beer with high hops that the brewers chosen will quench your thirst. Solo venture or grab some mates and experience the best local talent the Inner West has to offer. After a day of drinking we guarantee you’ll be heading home with a six-pack ;)
  • November 18th Warners At The Bay Craft Beer Festival
    The 12th annual Warners at the bay festival kicks off sunday 18th November It's going to one to remember with 50+ suppliers bringing you the best Beer, Cider & wine Australia has to offer! with the addition of live music and food stalls, there really is something for everyone Early Bird tickets have now completely sold out in record time! Less than 2 days. Regular tickets available from Wed 8th August 9:00am
  • November 23rd Annandale Cellars Tasting
    Stop by Annandale Cellars and sample some of our new and core range beers!
  • November 24th Waverton Cellars Winefest 2018
    Come down and sample some fine vino and craft beer with us on the North Shore.
  • December 1st Liquor Emporium Alexandria Beer Fest
    Come join us at the Liquor Emporium in Alexandria for Saturday celebration of local brews.

Where we’ve delivered recently:

November 16th

  • Australian Wine Centre
  • Glengarry Castle Hotel
  • The Welcome Hotel
  • 80 Bar & Cafe
  • Camperdown Cellars Neutral Bay
  • The General Eatery D'hill
  • Wine Culture
  • Yang & Co
  • Provenance Food and Wine
  • Corkscrew Cellars Sylvania Waters
  • Wild Rover
  • The Oaks Hotel
  • Union Hotel
  • Mojo Record Bar
  • Bull and Bush Hotel
  • Marlborough Hotel
  • Golden Barley Hotel
  • Cutty Cellars Crows Nest
  • Felix Hotel
  • Kings Cross Hotel
  • Duck Inn Pub & Kitchen
  • Public House Petersham
  • The Henson
  • BWS Botany
  • BWS Bondi Junction
  • Dan Murphy's Leichhardt
  • BWS Erskineville
  • BWS Marrickville
  • BWS Cronulla South
  • BWS Gymea Bay
  • BWS Petersham
  • Dan Murphy's Alexandria
  • Dan Murphy's Kingsford
  • High St. Social
  • Rowers on Cooks River
  • The Noble Hops
  • Prince Newcastle
  • Camperdown Cellars Darlinghurst
  • Warners at the Bay
  • Mary Ellen Hotel
  • SoCal
  • Coogee Bay Hotel
  • Amato's Liquor Mart
  • Georgetown Cellars
  • The Blind Monk
  • IGA Liquor Lilyfield
  • One Penny Red
  • Grain Store Newcastle
  • Happy Wombat
  • Tighes Hill Cellars
  • PS30
  • Bottle O Lambton
  • Clock Hotel
  • Oldfield Cellars

November 9th

  • Union Hotel
  • Three Blue Ducks Bronte
  • BWS Sutherland
  • Sang By Mabasa
  • Vaby's Restaurant
  • Camperdown Cellars Double Bay
  • The Crossing Bondi
  • David Jones Food Hall
  • Native Drops
  • Howlin Wolf
  • The Dock
  • Annandale Cellars
  • Elizabeth Bay Cellars
  • Liquor Emporium St. Peters
  • Duck Inn Pub & Kitchen
  • Marlborough Hotel
  • Petersham Liquor Mart
  • Camperdown Cellars Leichhardt
  • Sydney Park Hotel
  • Wild Rover
  • Red Bottle Sussex St.
  • Wests Ashfield Leagues
  • Public House Petersham
  • Liquor Legends Ashfield
  • P&V Wine and Liquor
  • Barny's
  • BWS Narrambeen
  • BWS Botany
  • Liquor Emporium Hurlstone Park
  • BWS Cranebrook
  • BWS Newtown
  • BWS Bondi Junction
  • Dan Murphy's Leichhdart
  • BWS Leichhardt Marketplace
  • BWS Erskineville
  • Chambers Cellars Greenwich
  • Dan Murphy's Top Ryde
  • BWS St. Leonards
  • BWS West Ryde
  • BWS Randwick
  • BWS Marrickville Metro
  • BWS Canterbury Plaza
  • Camperdown Cellars Kingston Rd
  • Spooning Goats
  • One Penny Red
  • BWS Franklin
  • Page Bottler
  • Temporada
  • Meeting Room
  • Corkscrew Cellars Rose Bay
  • The Shoe Chef Cafe
  • The Clock Hotel
  • The Pumphouse
  • Bopp and Tone
  • Mr. Liquor Clemton Park
  • Glenbrook Cellars
  • Epping Cellars
  • Greystanes Liquor
  • To All My Friends
  • BWS Gordon
  • Unity Hall Hotel
  • BWS Petersham
  • Brew Nation
  • Iron Duke Hotel
  • Davids Cellars Sydenham
  • Webstars Bar
  • Rag & Famish
  • Australian Wine Centre
  • Sackville Hotel
  • Old Canberra Inn
  • Archie Rose Distilling Co
  • Plonk