Come out to sample our range of hand crafted beers, enjoy a jar or two with your friends and take away a growler (1.89L) or bomber (640mL) of your favorite. Ask us about a private brewery tour, as we're always happy to show you around, and share the science and art behind each Batch. Tours are by booking only, so please email for more information and to book in!

What's on tap:

  • 2Peach Shakur - Peach sour ale
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield Pilsner, Wheat Malt, Unmalted Wheat
    Hops:Hallertau Tradition
    Yeast:American Ale, Lactobacillus
    I'm still here, still thuggin the sour game We gonna do it again, keep that tartness sustained. Our brewers are straight playas, never do the same thing twice, They bust out bad brews, always rollin'the dice. Dry pilsner malts, crisp it up with wheat, Lactobacillus, these malts will then meet. Nectorious was a fool, soured like little snitches, Me, I'm smoother, super lady peaches. I'll let that necta know it's on for life, Hallertau Traditional rides the night. Bad brews soured on fruit for the thrill, Mess with me and you get your peaches peeled. They who sipped me, punks couldn't wait to finish, now you 'bout to feel the wrath of a menace, peaches, I tart 'em up...
  • American Pale Ale - All Cascade hops from kettle to fermenter.
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Pale Ale, Vienna, Carapils, Light Crystal
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:American Pale Ale
    The first beer we ever made, American Pale Ale gives a fantastic idea of what we stand for at Batch: fresh, independent, unpasturised, unfiltered, natural, balanced. A combination of Vienna and caramel pilsner malt round off a malt bill that leans towards the drier end of the style, softening its body a touch, before big hits of Cascade hops from the whirlpool and fermentor give a complex burst of fresh cut grass, citrus stone fruit and a touch of pine. This is the beer that shows the quality and nuance you can expect from Batch Brewing Co, and it all started with Chris and Andrew in their backyards. We brew for you.
  • Claus's Secret Mandarin IPA - IPA w/ VIC Secret and Mandarina Bavaria
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield American, Voyager Latrobe, Malted Wheat, Carapils
    Hops:Mandarina Bavaria, Vic Secret, Saaz
    Yeast:American Ale
    Claus has never fully disclosed anything to anyone, so we had to follow him to find out. He left Germany with his Saaz and Mandarina Bavaria, and headed for NZ where he collected some Gladfield American Ale malts. Then on to Victoria for VIC Secret and Griffith for some Voyager Latrobe. Arriving at the brewery, he asked if he could brew a full-bodied IPA. We said sure, but what's it going to taste like? He said 'A nice malt number with citrus notes and of course, tangerines'. We asked why not mandarins given the hops to which he replied 'just because it will taste like tangerines'. So we just left it at that, and had a sip. Man it tasted great....and a lot like tangerines!
  • Elsie the Milk Stout - Nitrogenated stout with lactose
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:2-Row, Maris Otter, Roast, Light Crystal, Flaked Barley, Flaked Oats, Vienna, Chocolate, Lactose
    Hops:Willamette & Fuggles
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Milk Stout
    Elsie is made by combining unfermentable lactose with a malt bill so complex the brewers refer to it as their 'kitchen sink beer'. The result is a beer that's sweet and smooth and dark and roasty, with gentle touches of chocolate, coffee and cream. Served on nitrogen at the bar, but conditioned for the bottle, allowing yeast to naturally carbonate the stout for an incredibly thick and smooth texture. She's so tasty, you'll believe cows really can jump over the moon!
  • Flying Fox Amber Ale - Hopped Amber
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield Pale, Voyager Pale, Malted Wheat, Flaked Oats, Special B, Carafa
    Hops:Cascade & Centennial
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Amber Ale
    This malt-driven ale is perfect for bringing in the change of season. Indigenous Australians in the local area referred to this as Ngoonungi: the time of the gathering of the flying foxes. It is a magical time of year, when the flying foxes gather in the darkening skies over D'harwal Lands. Wheat and Flaked Oats give this beer a rounded body and gentle texture, while Special B adds a hint of roasted, dark fruits. American hops added in the kettle and fermentor lend a gentle bitterness with a grassy aromatic. Balanced and well rounded, this amber ale welcomes the warmer nights and increased gathering of friends, just like the Flying Fox's do.
  • Just Beer - extended lagering and gently hopped
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Voyager Hindmarsh, Malted Wheat, Cara Malt
    Hops:Summer & VIC Secret
    A lot of raw materials are used to brew the beer you drink, from water and electricity, to hops and cereal grains. That's why it's part of our goal to minimize the impact we have on our community, our land and our air. One small step we've taken is by directly supporting the farmers who justly care for our earth through their sustainable growing and harvesting of barley. Farm malted Hindmarsh barley from Voyager Craft Malt in the Riverina is the simple base for this simple beer. And the extended lagering and gentle hopping deliver a clean flavour that allows the beer to speak for itself. With every sip that you take, you can rest easy knowing that this beer is truly just - just for farmers, just for our community, Just Beer.
  • MacBatch - Oak aged heavy ale
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield Ale, Simpsons Imperial, Simpsons Aromatic, Gladfield Sour
    Hops:Willamette, East Kent Goldings
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Wee heavy ale
    Ach! Nothing too good for this handcrafted big boy! The best barley, malted by the growers on their farm. A special kettle caramelising process for that beautifully intense flavour. And aged on oak for 60 days. Pretty heavy stuff. Now go and enjoy this ale with your clan - cheers!
  • Rye IPA - Rye malts and Amarillo hops!
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Voyager Latrobe, Gladfield American, Gladfield Sour, Rye & Cara Rye
    Hops:Chinook, Centennial, Amarillo
    Yeast:American Ale
    Inspired by last year's collaboration with Archie Rose Distilling Co where they distilled our beer into a hopped spirit, we resurrected and updated this Rye IPA recipe for you to enjoy again....this time, just as a beer! Our bright and crisp IPA malt bill is complimented with rye, which brings its trademark earthy spice for added complexity. And it's a good thing too, because oh boy are there hops in here. Amarillo is the hero, bringing with it a big hit of zesty citrus - think orange and lemon bitters. Chinook and Centennial compliment with a mix of gentle juicy fruits and American pine. Now go on, have a taste! And if you find any bottles of the hopped spirit, you might as well try them together!
  • West Coast IPA - West Coast Hops
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Pale Ale, Carapils, Wheat
    Hops:Mosaic, Centennial, Chinook
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:American IPA
    Of all the IPAs Batch has ever made, only one became a permanent fixture of the brewery - a testament to quality if ever there was one! Bright in colour, dry on the palate and thirst quenching in the extreme, wheat and pale malts compliment each other with nuance. Hops are added all through the boil and fermentor - Centennial and Chinook provide a generous base of juicy, chewy fruits, before Mosaic hops shine through with big hints of pineapple and tropical stone fruit. Balanced to precision, the bitterness in this IPA never overwhelms the palate. At the lower end of the IPA’s ABV spectrum, this beer is a faithful example of the West Coast style. High quality, precise, nuanced and fresh, this beer all of the qualities on which Batch prides itself.

In Bottles / Growlers (but not on tap):

  • La Moustache - Biere De Garde
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Munich, Dark Wheat, Flaked Wheat, Carafa S III
    Hops:Celeia & Fuggles
    Yeast:Belgian Farmhouse
    Style:Biere de Garde - Ambree
    Bonjour mes amis! This special farmhouse ale is inspired by the strong ales from northern France. But, oh lala, using traditional french yeast and cellared for 6 months, we did it the Batch way. The result is this deep ruby red ale: briliiantly sparkling, slightly vinous, with a gentle touch of dark fruit. Vive La Batch! Vive La Moustache! So get together with Pierre, Armand, Jean-Yves and Jean-Jacques to enjoy this beautiful ale. Merci et Santé!
  • Orange Wit - Belgian Wit w/ Mandarina Bavaria
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Voyager Latrobe, Unmalted Oats, Malted Wheat, Caramel Pils, Lactose
    Hops:Saaz, Mandarina Bavaria
    Yeast:Belgian Ale
    Style:Belgian Wit
    "Orange Whip? Orange Whip? Three Orange Whips." John Candy said it best in The Blues Brothers, but you will too when you try our Orange Wit. A fusion of Voyager's Latrobe base malt and lactose presents a sweet, non-traditional Belgian Wit. Yeast driven aromas of spice and banana blend nicely with the gentle Saaz hop bittering. And a burst of citrus from Mandarina Bavaria late kettles hops and additional dry hops are carried by the full mouthfeel from wheat and oats. All combined together it's a smooth citrusy beer! Now go order one...or three, except say "Orange Wit? Orange Wit? Three Orange Wits!"
  • Tank 6 Imperial Stout - Russian Imperial Stout
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Glad field American Ale, English Pale Malt, Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malt, Crystal Malt
    Hops:East Kent Goldings
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Russian Imperial Stout
    The main ingredient of any beer this big and complex is time. Over the six months spent in Tank 6, this stout's namesake, the yeast continued its work allowing the copious amounts of roasted malt to mellow into luscious and rich flavours of coffee and chocolate. Farm malted in NZ, Gladfield ale malt provides the bulk of the fermentables and alcohol warmth which is gently swept away by the sweet characteristics, ranging from honey to plum, derived from four different crystal malts. Gentle bittering from the hop East Kent Goldings delivers its balance and approachability, allowing you to sink deeply into your favouite arm chair (at Batch, or at home) and appreciate the finer things in life. Serve cool, but not cold, and pour with some vigour into your favourite wide mouthed, stemmed glass to appreciate the various flavours that present as the beer warms in your hand.


  • American Pale Ale
  • Chapeau
  • Das Schwarzbier
  • Elsie the Milk Stout
  • Just Beer
  • Rye IPA
  • The Dank Jr.
  • The Sun Never Sets
  • West Coast IPA

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  • Sunday: 10 - 8pm ~ Jamaican Chicken

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Upcoming Events:

  • December 7th Cow and Moon Beer Gelato Tasting
    Cow and Moon are mixing up our beer into some new Gelato recipes! Stop by and try some paired with the beer that went into it!

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