About Us

Founded in 2013 by Chris & Andrew, we are an Inner West based, Australian craft brewery with a focus on unique, handcrafted, small batch beers with deep connection to our community. We brew and release new limited release beers regularly, and have a core line of top selling beers in bottle shops, pubs, online and at our own venues.

We operate out of two sites; our original and main 10bbl production brewery in the industrial precinct of Marrickville, and our 3bbl experimental and R&D brewery, Small Batch, in nearby Petersham out the back of the Public House Petersham. Both venues are working breweries with Tasting Rooms offering tasting crates, bar service, and take away options, as well as food.

Passion drives us to continue to create top quality beers for YOU, the people in our community. And as such, we’ve been creating on average approximately one new beer every five days since the commissioning of Small Batch! Previous to that it was one new beer every ten days….no small feat!

That level of creativity is in no small part influenced and inspired by our suppliers.  We take great pride in what we put in our beers, and have cultivated close relationships with our malsters and farmers to ensure YOU get the best beer from the best quality raw materials, grown and processed where possible with sustainable and regenerative practices.

We love what we do. We love beer. And that’s why We Brew For You!

Our commitment to our environment and our community

We understand that a lot of raw materials are used to brew the beer you drink, from water and electricity, to hops and cereal grains. That’s why it’s part of our goal to minimize the impact we have on our community, the land and the air.  We limit “beer miles” by carefully sourcing raw materials – our base malt comes from the nearby Riverina region of NSW, while our specialty grains are grown and malted in the pristine barley growing region of Canterbury on the South Island of New Zealand.  We use a carbon offset scheme for vehicle fuel and electricity, we recycle and repurposing waste, and have installed solar panels to produce the most green power we can.

We are also heavily involved in the community and contribute to charities nominated by customers and staff members.

As small brewers in an economy dominated by major, multinational players who put profit before people and the environment, we have set out to source the best possible raw materials we can from suppliers who share our values of fairness and sustainability.  Each time a consumer demands a lower priced good, the retailer pressures the manufacturer, who pressures their supplier, and on and on through the economy until the pressure reaches the farmer – the buck stops with those who have the most important job to all of humanity – they grow our food. When the pressure is put on them for lower cost output, their only way to maintain their living is to put less cost into their production, and when farmers cut corners we all pay the price through chemically supported and fragile agricultural systems, toxic water, and nutrient deficient soil that blows away with the wind.  We’re proud to support our farmers by paying a premium for our raw materials – everyday, not just when disasters hit.

Our consumers seek us out and willingly pay a premium for our beer versus an industrially produced macro beer, and we honour that commitment to quality and flavour by ensuring we source from suppliers who understand this dynamic and who pay a fair price to their farmers so those farmers can maintain their land and provide us with healthy, safe and sustainable food. We don’t see how we can make craft beer from industrially produced agriculture – its not fair to our consumers, our suppliers, or our environment.

Our partners

Gladfield Malt were in operation for many years before we found out about them. As farmers staring down a tough future in the price driven commodity market, they innovated and have built a remarkable value enhancing malting business that seems to grow exponentially each time we’re lucky enough to visit them and enjoy their hospitality. Their best in class malting facility is fed by a collection of growers who are blessed with the worlds most perfect barley growing conditions.  With a seemingly endless supply of water flowing from the epic mountains of New Zealand’s South Island and perfect, cool temperatures, they are able to produce beautiful, plump kernels, loaded with beery goodness. Since the moment Gladfield began selling their malt in NSW we haven’t ordered a single bag of malt from the industrial giants in the traditional growing regions a world away in Europe and the US.

Always seeking something as close to home as possible to reduce “beer miles”, and to have access to barley varieties better suited to the beers we brew, we were introduced to Voyager Craft Malt, a malster based out of the Riverina region in NSW. We’ve worked with Brad and Stu since they were roasting barley in their garage and have a great respect for their ideas of how barley and other cereals should be farmed and malted. As farmers themselves they are constantly seeking new and interesting seeds and planting trials plots to create a pipeline of new malts that we hope will one day become commercially available to use in new and unique beer styles.

But we haven’t stopped there…..we are also working closely with Greenwood Agriculture, and in cooperation with Voyager Craft Malt and Wildflower Brewing and Blending, we have contracted for a second crop of organically grown barley on their regenerative farm a short distance from Voyager in the Riverina. Sam and Chris are pioneers and we value their collaboration and commitment to sustainability.  Just as impressive in their commitment to good soil and its impact on tasty beer are the team at Ryefield Hops.  Since converting a portion of their family dairy farm to hops, they’ve produced fantastic, lupulin filled cones using organic practices and regenerative agriculture principles.

We do all this because well…..we want to give you the best quality product, support local farmers and businesses, and a tread lightly on mother earth where we can.

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