The Core Range

Marrickville Original Pale Ale (4.8%) In 2013, Batch was the first craft brewery to burst onto the Marrickville scene, rocking the craft beer world with our OG creation, an American Pale Ale.
In your hand is a worthy tribute to our roots. Think crisp malt goodness, with three colossal American hop additions that’ll slap your taste buds silly. Embrace the hoppy madness and enjoy!

Trippy Hippy West Coast IPA (5.8%) Yo, dude! We ain’t here to start some epic debate about whether the West Coast is the best coast. Nah, man, we’re just chillin’ and lettin’ you know that this rad IPA in your hand is all about tropical and stone fruit hop flavors that are like a cosmic explosion in your mouth. But we haven’t forgotten to add some groovy pale malts that lay down a smooth and sweet malt vibe to bring a mellow balance to some trippy bitterness. Peace out my friend!

Elsie the Milk Stout (4.4%), Say hello to Elsie the Milk Stout, a beer with a whole lot of character! This brew is all about complexity, sweetness, and a smooth, roasty flavour. With notes of chocolate, coffee, and cream, she brings a velvety mouthfeel, served on nitrogen. Now Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Pash the Magic Dragon (4.5%), Get ready to unleash your taste buds with Pash, the dragon-powered delight! This friendly and approachable sour will leave you breathless with its tantalizing blend of passionfruit and dragonfruit, giving it a mesmerizing pink hue fit for a majestic dragon’s lair. Gather your fellow adventurers and embark on a flavor-filled journey, or conquer this delicious elixir all by yourself! And hey, when it’s time to mix up some enchanting concoctions, Pash is the fire-breathing champion you need to make your next cocktail soar to legendary heights. Embrace the dragon magic and savour every sip!

We never stop crafting new and exciting recipes. Book your table at either of our venues via the links below and come check it out:

Marrickville Petersham

Batch Recipes

#310 Don't Judge A Beer By It's Colour
Pale Mocha Stout, 5.5%
#309 Small Batch XPA
Extra Pale Ale, 4.5%
#308 Petersham Draught
Lager, 4.2%
#307 Small Batch Juicy Boys Version #4
NEIPA, 6.8%
#306 Tropical Pipeline Sour
Sour Ale, 4.5%
#305 Small Batch Grease Monkey Mango Pale
Pale Ale, 4.3%
#304 Small Batch Lime & Salt Cerveza
W-37/70 Lager, 4.3%
#303 Small Batch Bock
W-34/70 Lager, 7.7%