The Core Range

American Pale Ale (5.2%) is our very first and original beer, brewed lovingly in Andrew’s backyard. With a sessionable balance of malt sweetness and hop bitterness, and bright citrus hop aroma, this beer continues to earn its place in our Core Range.  APA was surrounded by a flow of experimental brews and over time some favourites started to emerge.

The Mosaic hop driven American West Coast IPA (5.8%) with its vibrant hop amora and stripped back malt bill stood out enough to join the core range.

Further experimentation led us to the silky smooth, nitro Elsie the Milk Stout (4.4%), a sweet stout balanced by robust coffee and chocolate – don’t let her appearance fool you, she’s equally tasty on a cold winter evening and a hot summer arvo.

As our palates and brewing techniques progressed, we discovered the crisp refreshment of kettle soured ale. These brews are the perfect base for carrying fruit flavours and aroma, and the passionfruit and dragon fruit infused Pash The Magic Dragon (4.5%) with its pink hue and vibrant fruit aroma found its way into the permanent lineup.

Balancing out the list is Tasman Tango South Pacific Ale (4.2%). Brewed with a mix of our favourite NZ and Australian hops and malts, Tango is the perfect, easy drinking style for those hot summer days. Enjoy!


We never stop crafting new and exciting recipes, so click the below links to keep an eye on what’s available at each of our venues:

Marrickville Petersham

Batch Recipes

#310 Don't Judge A Beer By It's Colour
Pale Mocha Stout, 5.5%
#309 Small Batch XPA
Extra Pale Ale, 4.5%
#308 Petersham Draught
Lager, 4.2%
#307 Small Batch Juicy Boys Version #4
NEIPA, 6.8%
#306 Tropical Pipeline Sour
Sour Ale, 4.5%
#305 Small Batch Grease Monkey Mango Pale
Pale Ale, 4.3%
#304 Small Batch Lime & Salt Cerveza
W-37/70 Lager, 4.3%
#303 Small Batch Bock
W-34/70 Lager, 7.7%